Audio Engineering and Recording

Studio and Mobile recording facilities, accommodating up to 24 tracks, 128 at mixdown.

Nyah Music

Thirteen years of Recording, Editing, Mixing and Mastering experience. Neumann, SSL, Neve, Shure, B.L.U.E., Rode, Electro Voice, MOTU, Waves, Universal Audio, Presonus, Oktava, Beyer Dynamic, Logic, ProTools, Nuendo, Digital Performer, Native Instruments, Moog, Roland, Alesis, Akai, KRK, Aphex, Monster, Mogami, J.L. Cooper.

  • Multitrack recording
  • Editing
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Re-mixing
  • Re-Mastering
  • Voice-Over Recording/editing/mixing/mastering
  • Radio/TV commercial editing/mixing
  • MIDI Sequencing
  • Audio for websites
  • Format conversion (i.e. WAV to MP3)
  • Media transfers (i.e. LP/cassettes to CD)